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Daniel Greening

Senex Rex LLC
Managing Director
Companies hire me to teach, coach, and design agile management structures and practices for executives, departments, and teams. I have served in product and engineering leadership positions in startups and large enterprises. My mission is to help drive long-term value creation, sustainably profitable companies, and fulfilled lives. I like challenges and I collaborate across departments to achieve them: I developed one of the earliest full implementations of Scrum@Scale, I developed a now-favored approach to capitalize agile labor, etc. My executive experience helps me understand challenges facing managers and coach them how to add significant strategic value. At the same time, I coach and teach engineering teams and departments, to "keep it real" in my own work, so clients get real-world advice. My computer science PhD explored optimization, parallel processing and complex systems; though I was studying non-humans, the concepts apply to agile management practices, too. I now passionately explore the agile frontier, particularly researching agile metrics, finance, sustainable HR practices, and management. Some multinational companies where I've led agile coaching are Skype, Microsoft and Citrix.