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Chris Scott has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, a MBA and a Master’s Degree in Automotive Systems Engineering. He has been an employee of the Department of Defense, for the last 16 years. Within those 16 years, he has accomplished a lot in the field of engineering and management. Starting off in high performance computing, Chris was a key architecture engineer that helped to design and build a high performance computing system, for the Army, in Warren, Mi. Over the years, that system and the associated software, has led to breakthroughs in modeling and simulation capabilities, for the Army, that have made advances in safety systems, suspensions and survivability for US military ground vehicles, that are currently in use today.
Following his assignment in high performance, computing, he became a team leader for the US Army Robotic Systems Office, for the first and only Department of Defense Unmanned Ground Vehicle Interoperability Profile. In this role Chris led a team of over 100 engineers and scientists in government, academia and industry that produced an interoperability profile, which allows the military to quickly field enhanced robotics capability, to soldiers at a reduced cost to the government. The profile creates robotic standards and uses various communication protocols, between robotic software and hardware architectures, to connect the capabilities of different Original Equipment Manufacturers, on the same robotic platform.
Chris has also been the Assistant Product Manager, for the MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV). In this role, he had the responsibility of managing the entire acquisition life cycle and materiel release, of over 5,000 vehicles all around the world, to make sure the vehicles were safe, suitable and supportable for the soldiers, before they’re fielded. His duties included managing a diverse team of 22 government professionals, a quarter of a billion dollar budget, managing engineering change proposals, logistics and sustainment and all contracting efforts, for the program.
Currently Chris is a senior electrical engineer, leading the way to making military ground vehicles autonomous, to decrease soldier injuries and fatalities, by developing active safety technologies to be used in the vehicles. As a result of his career success, he has received a Black Engineer of the Year Modern Day Technology Leader award, has been named to the Crain’s Detroit Business top 20 in their 20s 2012 class, has received a Department of the Army Commanders Award for Civilian Service, a Department of the Army Achievement Medal for Civilian Service, a University of Michigan- Dearborn Young Alumnus of the Year Award and a Detroit Young Professionals Vanguard Award.
Chris is also an advocate for using positive thinking, as a crucial and consistent step in being happy and successful. He speaks regularly at various conferences and schools in the Metro Detroit Area on the topics of positive thinking, leadership and strategic execution among others. As a result of his love for helping others, connecting with people and speaking Chris founded Positive Thought Solutions, LLC. The company provides speaking and personal and professional development services to individuals and businesses across all industries.