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Rob Schwalm

Greater Detroit Area
I'm a talent scout for new TV show hosted by Kevin Harrington (former Shark on Shark Tank) and Forbes Riley of the home shopping network. Our show will showcase exciting new entrepreneurs and inventors similar to Shark Tank except instead of Sharks deciding who gets funding and business coaching, America becomes the Sharks!! Every American 18 and over can invest, buy product and vote for their favorite entrepreneur from an app on their phone or computer thru a crowdfunding portal. It is the first interactive TV reality show with an investment vehicle for Americans and a funding vehicle for entrepreneurs. Innovative, right? Disruptive, for sure!
Americas Real Deal is funding by ISM, the Independent Stock Market which is a new global Stock Market which trades straight dollar for non-voting shares of stocks in companies funded by ISM. Our first casting call is in Dallas at the end of June and the show airs in September. We are bringing America's Real Deal to Detroit to showcase our great city and its entrepreneurs. Both ARD and ISM want to lock arms and demonstrate what we can do to help fund and showcase Detroiters and Michigan Entrepreneurs. We will bring the show to Detroit for a 12 week episode show that is exciting, interactive, and financially beneficial.
Who should see me? Entrepreneurs, Inventors, and business owners who want to expand and need funding and business coaching with possibility to get national tv exposure!