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Brandi C Shelton

Greater Detroit Area
Brandi C Shelton, also known as B, has dedicated her life to the development of the company Utilize Consulting Service and Management Group. Brandi is a native Detroiter, focused on being the developer of dreams. Since Brandi’s younger days she has always been driven to be different. Starting UTILIZE was something different. A graduate from University of Phoenix with a double Bachelor in Business Management and Administration and 15 years of active experience in a variety of professional settings that continue to add wealth and knowledge to her professional portfolio, Brandi has the knowledge and experience it takes to help professionals turn their dreams into realities. Over her professional career she has been blessed with the ability to use strategic initiatives to sharpen organizational focus, while capturing the competitive advantages of organizations.

Brandi’s background offers a solid foundation in planning and executing team strategies that uses unified goals for true business development while boosting employee morale and organizational sustainability. She is known as a hands-on leader, with a skill set that encourages mentoring to enhance business infrastructures and retain employees by helping them achieve work/life balance.

Brandi created the mantra “One Start, One Move, One Triumph,” a foundation that seeks to build relationships with small and big businesses– allowing owners and high level management to understand how to create business savings, long-term marketing strategies, and vendor relations to sustain business. She has continued to set her sights on the “unreachable,” while understanding the importance of prioritizing company protocols and utilizing quality metrics to outline company guidelines that grow businesses.

Utilize Consulting Service and Management Group is a platform developed to help grow the dreams of sole proprietors and CEO’s by working side-by-side with them to understand and develop business tactics from a microscopic level. Over the last ten years, CEO, Brandi Shelton, has listened to and observed the obstacles that many new business owners have and has developed her services around solving these issues