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JuJuan Buford

J.S. Buford Financial Companies, LLC
Greater Detroit Area
I'm an effective sales professional, writer, activist, and public speaker. In the capacity of a former investment advisor, advocate for entrepreneurship, LegalShield & GoSmallBiz broker, and QT Business Solutions executive I'm dedicated to helping families, entrepreneurs, and business owners establish thriving enterprises, achieve financial independence, and build lives of satisfaction.I help entrepreneurs adopt strategies that helps them secure more clients; learn what it takes to effectively launch and market their services and products, access business planning expertise, acquire financing; protect their legal interests, and improve the efficiency of their enterprises (reduce expenses). Additionally, I've facilitated nonviolent demonstrations and given public addresses covering a wide breadth of political, socioeconomic, and cultural topics. I have a number of literary projects to my credit including but not limited to organizational mission statements, biographies, articles, essays, and writings that have been featured in newspapers and journals throughout the United States.I'm inspired and motivated by a simple, yet empowering philosophy that change can occur when people are equipped with the spiritual and intellectual tools to exercise agency in their lives.