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Justin Coven

IT Maturity, Inc.
Greater Detroit Area
Dr. Coven, is a founding member of IT Maturity, he received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Arizona State University, specializing in Artificial Intelligence and systems that reason about themselves. He was a professor at Bellarmine University before entering industry, where has worked with software development companies, Startups, and as an Enterprise Architect in the automotive industry.

Dr. Coven has been involved in the creation of: 1) Two new Collaborative Intelligence software systems: TopicHero.com, and NuEngineer. 2) A new IT Maturity Method which focuses on IT tools and training to help enterprises mature technically and collaboratively. 3) A new alternative Physics Map which describes how different alternative and conventional models fit together. 4) Meta-Level Science which applies lessons of computer science to Science in general. 5) A new Qigong practice which includes new accupressure-light health devices.