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Jane Pierce

Tarot Jane LLC
Intuitive Counselor
Jane offers intuitive counseling to help people better know themselves and their life purpose because she believes that knowing yourself is as important as knowing the future. Jane is an ordained Tzaddi Healer/Counselor and Minister who offers psychic, tarot and astrology readings , as well as weddings and infant blessings. She is also a member of the first group to be certified as a Detroit Ambassador by the Detroit Experience Factory, following a family legacy of supporting our local community.

Jane started studying tarot in 1989. After a near-death experience, she felt her psychic gifts become greatly enhanced. In order to understand and survive the increased empathy that followed and the past life memories that began to emerge, Jane dedicated to the Wiccan Path. She began reading tarot cards professionally at a fundraiser put on by the Great Lakes Pagan Council in 1990.

In exploring the roots of both tarot and Wicca, Jane discovered the Qabalah, an ancient Jewish mystical tradition, which developed into a life-long passion. The Qabalistic Tree of Life provided a map that not only illuminates the meaning of most modern Tarot cards, it also opened up endless opportunities for ritual and personal growth. With a more personal relationship with the planetary influences represented on the Tree of Life, astrology became much easier to understand.

Jane began studying with a professional tarot reader and her partner who were teachers in the Church of Tzaddi. While working towards her Healer/Counselor certificate, Jane explored NLP, polarity therapy, Reiki, and channeling guides, completing her Reiki Mastery Program along with her Ministerial ordination in 1995. In addition, Jane began assisting with Taking It Lightly, she re-wrote the manual for the Bamboo Bridge (now called Healing Warrior Hearts) and trained to co-lead their personal growth workshops. Jane also completed her undergraduate degree during this time and began working on her Masters in Education while teaching in the Detroit Public Schools.

Jane left middle school teaching to start a family and continued developing her counseling skills through providing breastfeeding support to other mothers, overseeing the Communication Skills Instructors, organizing and teaching classes for both non-profits and local stores, including Indigo Forest in Ann Arbor.

During the time her children were young, Jane began teaching alternative spirituality classes and helping organize a new pagan convention called ConVocation. Through ConVocation, Jane was able to bring talented pagan teachers to Metro Detroit to further her education and increase the sense of community and knowledge among occult seekers in Southeast Michigan. Jane joined the Board of Directors in 1996, and worked tirelessly on ConVocation and other events sponsored by MEC until leaving the BoD in 2011.

Since 2011, Jane has been providing astrology and tarot readings through local stores, such as The Sacred Sage and Boston Tea Room, as well as reading for private clients. In addition, Jane has been teaching once a month at Pagan Pathways Temple, Michigan Energy Workers, Ann Arbor Athanor and the Boston Tea Room.

Enjoying both depth and breadth of experience, Jane has spent at least 5 years studying the following spiritual traditions: Wicca, Tzaddi, Shamanism, Sheya with Kenn Day, and Ceremonial Magick. Jane joined House Kheperu in 2009 and is currently a second degree priest in their system. She began studying the Feri Tradition in 2015.

Most of Jane’s spiritual growth has been woven through the experience of pregnancy and motherhood, starting with her near death experience during her first miscarriage and continuing through the birth, homeschooling, parenting high schoolers and the beginning of launching the first two of her 4 children. Since all of this fits around her most sacred role as the mother, Jane believes sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation.